"It's not just a movie. It's a Whacked Movie"

Glen Coburn is not full of himself. This page was generated by an algorithm.

Decades in the Making

Whacked Movies was not an overnight success. 

Glen Coburn was fashion forward even as a young child.

It started with a summer hat and ‘63 Falcon Convertible. Glennie's Creative tendencies are in evidence.

At age four, Glennie immerses himself in Shock Theater. He watchs every film in the Universal Horror Cycle in a continuous loop.

A few years later, between planning home invasions, he spends most of his time at the mult-plex watching such films as Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Count Yorga, Vampire, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Frogs, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and so  many more.

A five-day hike into the desert is instrumental in the progression of terrible events.

Delirious, in a fit of joy and sorrow, Glen Coburn stumbles upon a fateful inspiration.

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space Was Born!

Glen Coburn stares down a Bloodsucker in Southern Italy.

One of Glen Coburn's favorite moments. A staring contest with Uncle Joe, played by the late great, Robert Bradeen. 

Baby Born With Full Beard

Starring Glen Coburn and his wife, the brilliant, comic actress, Kay Bay.

Glen Coburn and Kay Bay play filthy white-trash couple with a Chimpanzee side-kick.

Then Glen Coburn and Kay Bay Produced Among the Dead (Hollywood Deadbeat)

The feel good comedy of the summer of 1995. Kay Bay's inventive, creative production-design and Russell Blair's striking, black and white cinematography make the film worth a look. 

Glen Coburn's film, Hollywood Deadbeat premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1995.
Glen Coburn's Among the Dead is not a spatter film.
1980s Barcelona.
A drunk and a bum are prominent figures in Glen Coburn's film.


Glen Coburn writes his new book in cemetery full of ghosts
Glen Coburn's touts his book at a signing in Paris, the home of his fanbase.
Glen Coburn competed for a book award and lost.

Comtemplation Happens

Glen Coburn is slammed by Joe Bob Briggs.

Joe Bob Briggs Tells Glen Coburn he should stick to making movies because his book sucks. On second thought, he added, or maybe you shouldn't  make movies either because you suck at making them.

Malcolm McDowell ends collaboration on Born Again: The Afterbirth.

Glen Coburn collaborates with Malcolm McDowell on a novella called, Born Again: The Afterbirth. The project was abandoned when McDowell told Coburn that he's a terrible writer.

Herschell Gordon Lewis denies the he supported Glen Coburn's new film project.

Filmmaker, Jim Roberts and the legendary, Herschell Gordon Lewis both tell Glen Coburn not to give up his day-job

Mink Stole tells Glen Coburn that John Waters would not appreciate the comparison.

Mink Stole tells Glen Coburn that his movies are much worse than anything John Waters even thought of.

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