"It's not just as movie. It's a Whacked Movie"

The tag-line above is presented in quotes because it was first mumbled by our benefactor, Francis X Bushman. Sadly, he passed away long before this venture and didn't see it come to fruition. We celebrate his memory by offering the very best of whatever it is we have to offer. His last known address is Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale California. Glendale is noted for it's commitment to higher education. No where is this more evident than Glendale Community College where the students take the term higher education to heart. They are among the highest in vicinity.

Glen Coburn conjures to spirit of Fracis X Bushman.
Glen Coburun reads the book he wrote while in a manic state.

It Started as a Book

Whacked! Skewed Views of Horror Movies That Simply Refuse to Die. It's all about fun, crazy, cheap horror movies from the 1970s and '80s. The golden era Whacked Movies. Silly reviews, commentaries, photos and stories about the exploits of Elmo!

delicious treaHot Crispy Creme donuts make the cover of Glen Coburn's book a t.
Whacked Movies goes all-in on a bus stop promothion of Glen Coburn's book.
The 14th Dalai Lama encourages Glen Coburn to follow his bliss.

Next Came the Home Video Label

Glen Coburn shuns Hollywood

Showcasing the work of exceptional filmmakers who express their love of the medium and dedication to self-expression through their work.

Glen Coburn distributes monster movie from Wynn Winberg
Glen Coburn distributes Titty Classic, Repligator
Glen Coburn's Whacked Movies signs creature classic, Dark Dealer.
Glen Coburn and Kay Bay play the leads in a trailer-trash, shoot 'em up.
Bloodsuckers' Glen Coburn says, "Bend over. This won't hurt a bit."
Terrifying monster-morph in an upcoming Glen Coburn release
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